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Where are you located?

Brooklyn, Bronx and Manhattan.

Do I have to make a reservation to attend?

You must RSVP to the email given, then you will receive a confirmation.

What is the dress code for the club?

Once you pass the main door of the event you undress. Example Bra, panties, corset, lingerie , swimsuit or nude.

How do I become a member?

To become a website member is simple just subscribe.

Can I use my credit card?

No, we only accept cash.

What is the average age/ethnicity of your members?

Different ages and ethnicities, we have people from all over.

What is the average attendance?

We do not give info on our average attendance, you just have to be there yourself.

Are guests required to participate?

No, you and those around you are adults to make your decision. Spectators are very much welcome.

Are Single Men allowed?

Yes single me are allowed.

Are couples allowed to bring single females?

Yes, we encourage you to bring guest just as long as they are mentioned on the RSVP.

I would like to Co-host a event sometime, how can I?
Speak to a staff member and they'll give you the information.

Can we bring sexual toys?

Sure you can, be mindful of your items you bring we are not responsible for missing or broken items.

Are companions provided?

No we do not provide companions.

Am I guaranteed to “hookup”?
No, you are not. That is based on you and your approach to others.

What are your policies on SAFE SEX?
We take a strong standing on safe sex, condoms are provided for a reason and MUST be USED.

You will be Removed & banned if otherwise!

Are gay, queer or transgender people at these events?

Yes of course, people from all walks of life are invited and welcomed, we do not discriminate.

I would like to know if  Slut NYC hiring ?

Sure, for promoting, Dj'ing and talent.

Is there a coat check at the SLUT NYC events?

Yes and coat check is free.

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