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Welcome Swing and Kinksters

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Hello everyone and welcome to the Underground know as SLUTNYC. We know every one is waiting for events at the troubling times , but we need to get back on track as a society before we continue our debauchery.

We that being said we would like to keep in touch with our friends and fans via website giving you all the info you need while you stay hard.

Now a couple of things we need to announce before we get started and this will be some Key things.

We will have a new set of co-host stepping up to the game along with some familiar faces. And hey, if you think you got what it takes let us know so we can get a good look at ya.

We will be mainlining the events in the Bronx and Upper Manhattan Starting May of 2022.

We will continue the membership practices in a new way, more on that soon.

We are selling minor merch such as shirts to help spread the word to stay fashionably sexy.

And last but not least as you can see that is our remodeled website, before we had over 2,000 active members and we need to get that back on track but we cant do that without your help. So friend or friend subscribe to get that info pumpin. The more we have the better we can keep the dwindling swing life afloat.

Yes, the BBW, TS and Nerd Kink parties will start as pot priority first and then the rest will kick off as we see our new members.

Stay blessed my sexy friends

Covenant of Kink - Slutnyc

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